Travelling with a toddler: Jetkids and Mountain Buggy Nano to the rescue

Walking through airport with Jetkids and Mountain Buggy Nano

Flying with a toddler is probably the most stressful thing you’ll do unless you fly with two toddlers! While I’ve travelled with my son to Europe when he was little and we also did a few shorter (6hr) plane trips while we were there, our most recent trip to NZ made me super nervous.

I read ALL the forums and all the tips and since I’ve lived to tell the tale, I thought I’d  share my opinion on travel stroller vs. Jetkids vs. Planepal (flytots, legsup etc.)


I hired a Jetkids from Mel in Caulfield, Vic as they are a bit hard to come by and also quite pricey. I filled the little ride-on suitcase with lots of little presents and essentials for hte plane ride. Here’s my list of things I included:

  • Mini pull-back cars individually wrapped as a present
  • Toddler headphones
  • Scratch pads
  • Stickers
  • little Australian animals figurines
  • nappies, wipes and little nappy bags
  • iPad with Shaun the Sheep (no audio necessary)
  • A new book “Thomas the tank engine in Australia”
  • Finger puppets
  • A tiny picture book
  • Crayons that don’t roll and a notepad
  • A “Cars” car (Lightning McQueen): his favourite car
  • Snacks (crackers, raisins, water)
  • Play Dough

I also made sure that my Mountain Buggy wasn’t booked. I made it show up as “unavailable” on Tree Hut Village. (Learn how to do that in the group Mums2Mums Hire Baby Equipment. )

Auckland city at night

We booked an evening flight because I thought this would make the trip there super easy with him sleeping for most of it – except he didn’t sleep at all! Things always happen that I didn’t plan for..

He will sleep on the evening flight to Auckland so I thought we won’t need that much stuff for our trip to New Zealand


I was wondering how it would all work with some people saying that the travel stroller might have to be checked in and that the wheels have to come off etc. Turns out everything was as smooth as can be! We minimised all of our carry-on and just had the Nano, a handbag and the Jetkids. All our bits and pieces were wheeled around in the stroller which we just put in the bag and then walked on the plane with it (too easy!).

The Jetkids was quite fun but we should have tested it with Max prior to going to the airport and let him use it a bit to get familiar with it. At the beginning he was a bit scared but then he loved riding around on it and we looked like travel pros!

Let your toddler become familiar with the Jetkids prior to going to the airport. Obvious, I know.. I didn’t do it!


I love that you can put all sorts of stuff in the Jetkids so you know where all of the “toddler” items are. Nothing worse than rummaging around your luggage for those raisins when it’s pretty dark and cramped on an airplane.

Eva on the Plane
Settling in on the plane

On the plane Max was mostly interested in looking outside to point out that there was an airplane. When he had enough of that he played some games on the screen of the seat. We didn’t end up using the Jetkids because Air NewZealand gave us the SkyCouch (thanks – it was AMAZING).

He got a bit restless for a while and this is when Shaun the Sheep came in handy. Raisins and crackers got us through the landing! We only unwrapped ONE of the tiny cars which gave us a grand total of 10min of distraction!


We saved one of the presents for when we landed to make sure he was entertained on the way through the airport and overall it was a very uneventful journey to New Zealand. I can do this again!


If I had a choice I would travel with the Jetkids and the travel stroller again.

If I were travelling by myself I would definitely take the stroller over the Jetkids and perhaps combine that with an inflatable pillow (if the airline allows it). Every child is different so maybe yours will stay riding around on the Jetkids the whole time but my son was on and off and I ended up pulling the Jetkids, carrying him and pushing the stroller at the same time (hubby had the luggage).

Definitely worth getting the Jetkids for a fun airport experience if you have enough hands who can help! the  Mountain Buggy Nano was great and I loved using it in Auckland also.

❤ if you want to hire from other mums check out or join the group and talk to others about their experience first ❤



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